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ジャーナルCAJLE The Research Journal: The Journal CAJLE

CAJLE の研究論文集。1997年に第1号を発行し、現在、毎夏発行。第13号(2012)よりオンライン化。

The publication of this collection of research papers is one of the main undertakings of the university chapter of CAJLE. Publication began with Volume 1 in 1997, and currently it is published annually every summer. Topics covered include Japanese language education (theoretical essays and practical experiences reports), Japanese linguistics (including second language acquisition, immersion programs, and bilingual education), and general linguistics.

CAJLEニュースレター The CAJLE Newsletter

Published twice a year, in June and December, the newsletter  provides our members with up-to-date information about activities and includes recent reports, announcements, and essays on Japanese language and Japanese language education.

年次大会Proceedings CAJLE Annual Conference Proceedings


The collection of papers presented at the CAJLE annual conferences (2013-).

その他の刊行物 Other Publications

  • 中島和子・鈴木美知子(編)(1997)『継承語としての日本語教育—カナダの経験を踏まえて—』(カナダ日本語教育振興会)Welland, Ontario: Éditions Soleil
    Nakajima, K., & Suzuki, M. (Eds.). (1997). Japanese as a Heritage Language: The Canadian Experience (Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education). Welland, Ontario: Éditions Soleil.
  • カナダ日本語教育振興会(2000)『子どもの会話力の見方と評価—バイリンガル会話テスト(OBC)の開発—』カナダ日本語教育振興会
    Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education. (2000). Oral Proficiency Assessment for Bilingual Children. Toronto, Ontario: Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education.
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